3 underrated art mediums

Talk about art and various things will normally come to many people’s mind. For most people, art is a way of expression, a way in which the artist gets to express their feelings while at the same time sparking the same, or other different feelings in people. There are many art forms, and since the direction that art takes depends much on the feelings of people, there seems to be some mutual agreement about the accepted art forms and those that are generally not accepted in the mainstream. The mention of the word art will probably not have people thinking about any one of these three underrated art forms.


Drawing is one of these art forms. The most famous of artists whose works go for millions were essentially painters. People appreciate paintings, some of which they never understand fully. There is, however, no real appreciation for the drawers. An artist who specializes in drawing will intimate that drawing is perhaps the purest form of artistic expression. It is like making a gesture, only that once it is made, it becomes permanent. While painters can just pick up a brush and play with the colors and see where their hands guide them, this is never the same with drawers. Artistic painters do the stuff that engineering and architectural experts only dream about, all from the head and heart. In many shows, paintings are the art forms normally most concentrated on. However, one has to be excellent in drawing in order for them to paint well.

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