3 great impressionists

Art most of the time is used as a way to express feelings, ideas and a state of mind. This is why historically; art has always evolved with the times. They tend to show the prevailing state of affairs in the land, and this is the direction that impressionist art forms took with their work. The term impressionist was never universally liked and embraced, even among the artists famous for embracing this art form. Today, however, it is one of the most universally recognizable forms. The impressionist movement originated from France, and the leaders were mainly rebellious painters. They broke away from what people considered conventional drawing, instead embracing much more freedom in their works. They preferred the free brushing of colors to the strict lines and contours.


During the 19th century, in the times of Napoleon III in France, there was usually an annual painting exhibition where artists at the time brought their works to be judged by a jury. This jury was the judge and executioner, deciding whether a painting was to be accepted or rejected into the dark rooms where artists stored their paintings. In the middle of the century, there emerged a group of young painter friends who often met in Paris to paint together. In 1863, this jury rejected so many paintings that they left many French painters appalled. One of the paintings rejected was because it had a nude woman who was in a picnic with two other clothed men.

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