Three Great Art Heists

Even since art became a collector’s item with unbelievably inflated prices, the art thieves became even more generous with their skills. There have been a number of recorded art heists that historians might regard as famous due to the worth of artifacts that were stolen and of course the painter’s expression on a masterpiece. Perhaps, the most notorious state inspired art heists were conducted by the Nazis during their eagerness era as they tried to dominate the whole world from 1939 to 1945(World War II). The Germans went on a rampage plundering some of the famous art pieces especially in France. In addition, the Nazis confiscated numerous art pieces from the Jewish community that were living in Germany by then.


Apart from the state plunders by the Nazis there have been a number of art heists that have been orchestrated over the years; some have been successful, others have been marvelously done while others were simply easy to solve. Perhaps, the greatest heist of all time would have to be the Mona Lisa heist of 1911. The heist was organized and orchestrated by an employee of a museum of Louvre on august 21 1911, the employee was known as Vincenzo Peruggia. However, the piece was later discovered when the thief was caught two years later. Apparently, Perruggia was so mad because of the so many paintings that were being exhibited in France. He simply took the painting from the wall and walk out of the Museum.

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